Bespoke Services

Provides our clients with a unique offering, to build an utterly custom solution, to solve a specific challenge or attract your exact target audience.


Bespoke Events

In this new world of work, new problems and issues require utterly new and innovative approaches to solve key strategic challenges. This means that many companies now either have incredibly interesting case studies to present or have a specific story to tell to a very particular group, be it job title, industry sector or the specific challenge they faced.

This means that rather than being part of a larger event, many of our clients now want to tell these stories in a more intimate and custom environment. We therefore consult, build, organise and populate an audience of attendees for you, through a number of different formats. Or we set up meetings for you, in the office of directors when they want to meet you and have a need.

This is a premium service, built specifically for each individual client and delivering premium results.

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1-2-1 Meetings

Working Futures is the most exclusive gathering of Board & Senior level HR Directors in the UK & Europe. 

It is a culmination of 6 years of deep, ongoing relationships that Expedite have established with individuals who are attending to meet with a small number of best in class solution providers. 

The environment is tailored and conducive in allowing them to address the challenges they are facing around the future world of work, and give you the platform to win business, developing long lasting relationships with organisations that you aren’t able to get in front of through other business development channels.    

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Audience Generation

We are known for our creative strategy, innovation, audience experience solutions, and actionable and measurable approach to transforming the ways our clients interact with their target audience where they exist in person, online, via social networks or on their mobile devices.

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Marketing Services

We match your needs of providing high quality information and findings to a select few from a specific industry sector, through to offering a wider approach to our full list of customer contacts.

Our services are tailorable and equally successful to both large and small companies looking to extend their reach and thought leadership.

We know that as a small company you don’t have time or manpower to produce reports and tailored information. We can produce this for you and help shape content and to deliver a personalised campaign to meet your needs.

Larger companies and consultancies may already have information, research findings and infographics produced, but want to extend their reach to new and existing customers within this group. We can provide this access and pinpoint the relevant directors you are looking to engage with.

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