Working Futures

Working Futures – Springing Into Action.

21 Mar

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Working Futures – Springing Into Action.

Working Futures

By Stephen Pobjoy, Head of Content, Expedite Consulting

Spring is starting to do its thing. Huzzah! The days are getting longer and the vitamin D levels are being topped up. All lovely stuff for everyone’s wellbeing – cycling along the Thames each morning certainly makes my day. There’s always lots to look forward to at this time of year as plans for the spring and summer start to get nearer.

We’ll be pushing forward with our Working Futures meeting next week as well. The planning’s been done and it feels like the timings right to debate and to challenge ‘a different HR’ next week on 23rd March. With so much being written on the future of work currently (and a lot of guff out there too) we have taken a different stance. We’ll be looking for the HRD’s to be the debaters on various topics. Ok, so there’s other forms of learnings too – workshops, meetings and examples for companies.

We’ll start the day with Xpert HR on the changing nature of employee status from Darren Newman. Then out keynote for the day is Rob Briner opening the debate on ‘A different HR’ and looking at evidence based decision making and some of the untruth’s that are currently out there at the moment. – don’t worry no fake news will be promoted on the day.

Then we move on to the debates, workshops and meetings. My personal highlights and where I’ll be hovering around are as follows:

Debate: How do you build and manage a great partnership with the CEO? Barbara Zesik, CHRO, Santa Fe talking about how her role is directly formed with the CEO and whatever the challenge is the people part is it’s at the forefront of the discussion. Lots of debate expected from others of how they have built and fostered similar relationships.

Next up: Info and debate with James Davies from Lewis Silkin LLP on Brexit implications for HR. As we creep towards a medium-to-hard boiled Brexit, we’ll discuss the implications for different industries, groups and companies.

In the next sessions, I can’t make my mind up because we have the following:

Case study and debate from Andre Norman from Adobe on removing the performance appraisal and looking at employee experience. A workshop from Andy Gilbert from Go Mad Thinking on How open minded to possibilities are you and your organisation? A hearty debate on how pensions and rewards should be updated, by Darren Hockaday from Gatwick Airport,   Justin and Haider from Tao Leadership on finding and engaging the key influencers within your workforce. And Tim Cowley from FirstGroup debating how to develop a customer focused culture with engaged staff. All good stuff to debate, challenge and learn from other HR Directors.

In the afternoon, we’ll continue the debates looking at robots with the real David D’Souza – not the cartoon version. How to create the learning org with the learned Michelle Parry-Slater. With the apprenticeship levy about to start Alastair Wilson from NHS Commissioning Support Unit on getting as much value as possible from the levy and your development.

Phew! So a packed day with a lot to discuss. The full programme is available here:

I’m sure you’ll have your own highlights and relevant sessions, and I hope the experience is as challenging as it is thought-provoking.

To finish there is the small part of making all of the learning outcomes stick. So who better than the double act of HR and OD Rob Jones and David D’Souza to share the thoughts with the group and to work on the take aways.

See you all there on 23rd!

Coming up in the next few weeks:

OC Excellence Showcase – 23rd March, Business Design Centre, Islington

Working Futures event – also held on 23rd March, Business Design Centre, Islington

HR Taskforce – ‘Rethinking performance management – Liberated from reward, focussed and fair.’ 26th April, Furniture Makers Hall