Human Resources: there’s an app for that!

06 Jul

Post by Christian Milam

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Human Resources: there’s an app for that!

Human resources

In this era of millennials who have entered the workforce and expect to have access to technology for their work, applications for Human Resources are becoming more popular and are growing in demand. The benefit of introducing applications in your organisation is that it will allow your employees to access your system; for time and attendance, scheduling and shift management.

We have firmly stepped into this age of technology, where employees are using mobile devices on a regular basis. Slowly but steadily, the HR function is embracing mobile. But these HR applications are not limited to only giving access to the company’s system. There are more options – sourcing job candidates, including signing off on time sheets or helping employees file health benefits claims. This shows that mobile apps have an important place in a company’s workforce management strategies and policies.

Combining the workforce and mobile apps will definitely grow your business without any hitches. Since this integration can help eliminate a large number of HR issues, there’s really no better time to start than right now!

Benefits of merging workforce and mobile apps together

  • You can manage payroll from a mobile device with relative ease, including processing and review.
  • Employees can update their attendance through a mobile device. Timekeeping and hours records are easily tracked and the GPS functionality will ensure all employees are turning in their time honestly.
  • Performance reviews can be done using advanced analytics software that helps you track any performance related issues in the company.
  • Presentations of data and interoffice communications can be administered effortlessly.

List of mobile HR apps

  • – recruiters can use this people-oriented search engine app to pull data on potential job candidates from social media and other public sources, and share results via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • ADP Mobile Solutions – This is useful for payroll, time and attendance, benefits and personnel records. It also allows employees to use their phones to clock in and out, request time off, review retirement savings accounts and more.
  • BizX mobile – recruiters can use it to approve offers and requisitions and track candidate feedback. Employees can use it to look up company organisation charts, access personnel information, share files and collaborate on projects.
  • Concur – Employees who travel for work can use this to capture images of receipts and create expense reports. Your managers can use it to approve expense reports and travel requests, and perform audits.
  • Flexi – It’s the best app for employees to access health savings and flexible spending accounts from their smartphones. Employees can use Flexi to update profiles, submit claims, and view pending claims, denials, balances and their transaction history.
  • Kronos workforce mobile – Both managers and employees can use this app to view or approve schedule or timecards, ask for or grant time-off requests and perform other tasks. The app is available in English, Chinese, Dutch, French and Spanish.
  • Iappreciate – You can set dates for employee birthdays, work anniversaries and recognition events and create certificates accordingly. Employees can use the app to send e-cards to fellow workers.
  • Virgin HealthMiles Dash – This app helps employees track their fitness activities and programs over time, join challenges and record weight, blood pressure and other health measurements.

Paul Bissell, Head of reward and policy, Three UK, presented a case study on ‘Engaging with Benefits’ at Expedite Consulting’s recent HRISCMeet. Paul said: “Our priority for 2015 is to be the most reliable network in the UK – we’re already delivering on that. “

Explaining ‘where do apps help the most?’ he said:

  • Where you have a remote workforce
  • Where instant is desirable
  • Where your workforce doesn’t have an access to a company PC
  • Where your workforce expects it
  • Where your workforce is relatively young
  • Where access outside of work time is desirable
  • Where the benefit itself relates to something that is mobile

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