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Bringing Culture to Life

16 Feb

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Bringing Culture to Life

company culture

By Stephen Pobjoy, Head of Content, Expedite Consulting

Everything seems to be about company culture at Expedite towers this week. Firstly we are planning a showcase of the winners and commended companies from the 2016 OC Excellence on 23rd March, and it kicks off the thinking for companies preparing their entries for 2017 too.

The stories at the showcase will bring the ideas and strategies behind the award winners to life. And this is where this one is unusual and powerful. Normally when you attend an awards ceremony you don’t get to hear the stories and the work that went into making the entry a winner. (typically, because there are about 40 categories and by 10pm everyone’s run out of free wine!)

Culture is such a broad topic and during these times of constant transformation the culture needs to be nurtured and can be a massive differentiator between you and your competitors. The event gives attendees the background not only on what makes a winning entry, but also gives the opportunity to get the knowledge of how to enter for 2017. More details are available here.

Also on culture this month we are hosting the next HR Taskforce event on 28th February. Jenny Lawrence, HR Director from Lindt & Sprungli (the overall winner of the 2016 OC Excellence Awards) will be presenting and discussing ‘How to develop the right culture for your business’ following Lindt’s work to realign everything back to the purpose of the org. The case study is available here.

For me personally, having now worked at about 10 different companies from media companies to professional associations and at private companies; the culture and the purpose of what I’ve spent my career working towards is really important. I need to work with people that can challenge me, that have a sense of humour, and that like to work hard but be social too. After a few coaching sessions, I’ve found that my own purpose is to bring people together to learn and have an experience – it’s really that simple. It’s enlightening when you find out what your personal purpose is and it also makes it easier to focus on what you want to do or achieve (…and just as important is what you won’t do). A bit like the company culture you are part of and responsible for.

What we have coming up in the next few weeks:

HR Taskforce – ‘Developing the right culture for your business’ 28th Feb, Furniture Makers Hall

OC Excellence Showcase – 23rd March, Business Design Centre, Islington

Working Futures event – also held on 23rd March, Business Design Centre, Islington