The leadership gaps Watching the progress of women in leadership is like watching someone climb up a greasy pole, you think you’re seeing progress, and then you realize you’re not. There have been improvements, but there’s still a long...

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The tools and traits of a leader

Leadership traits and techniques are written about so often that I feel slightly ashamed to add my two-penneth to the endless views on the topic. Open your Linkedin feed and you’ll see ’20 tips successful leaders do each day’,...

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Change Hurts

Are you ready for it? No really. Do you really want to change your company? We all think we are and then we face the reality. Uncertainty, fear, then people start booking meeting rooms. Employees gather in small groups...

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Enabling our Leaders to deal with Rapid Change – Reflections on a round table discussion at Expedite’s Working Futures conference March 2017

Rapid Change and how leaders respond to it is a live and pressing issue in all the very diverse organisations attending this session.

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Developing millennial women as leaders

For most of history, there has been an assumption that leadership belongs to men alone. Maybe that’s why women leaders are expected to act like men. According to this article, in most schools, universities and organisations, leadership development programs...

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How your leadership must change to meet the needs of 2016

In order to grow and succeed in your business, knowing exactly what leadership requires can make all the difference – now, and in the future. An important part of this success is change on multiple levels – for the...

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What Bad Times Teach Us About Good Leaders?

“One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.” –Arnold Glasow Historically, we have been taught that leaders are powerful figures, marching through difficult situations and uncertain times with poise,...

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Forget a ‘follow me’ style of leadership

Expert in the future of work and leadership Simon Walker, shares his thoughts on why organisations need to stop ‘sleepwalking into the future’ and why authenticity is essential for their survival.

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Why should you be an empowering leader?

Gone are the days when leadership was simply the exertion of power over others, today the best leaders are those who empower others to step up and lead.

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