Traditional Working Culture Is Weighing Down UK Companies, Here’s How To Improve

Sticking to traditional working culture could be a major factor in the lack of progress for many companies. It also appears to hinder workforce loyalty, according to a new study. A UK based study of 1,600 companies, recently run...

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HR Salaries Are On The Rise in 2017, Guess Who’s Earning Most?

Great news for HR in 2017, wages have been on the rise in spite of the fears of Brexit and beyond. Before everyone gets too excited, the report that surveyed these wages actually revealed that the wage increases were...

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Change Hurts

Are you ready for it? No really. Do you really want to change your company? We all think we are and then we face the reality. Uncertainty, fear, then people start booking meeting rooms. Employees gather in small groups...

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What are the HR Challenges in the Digital Workplace?

The forces of globalisation, talent constraints and new technology are driving rapid change in HR function. Other key technology factors reshaping the role of human resources are mobility, data analytics, cloud computing and social media.

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How workforce analytics can benefit HR

Workforce analytics can be described as a combination of software and methodology that applies statistical models to worker-related data, allowing organisations to optimise human resource management (HRM).

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Have you ever faced these HR challenges?

  HR Directors are responsible for adding value to an organisation and its employees. In order to do this, HR needs to continuously evolve and be updated on emerging tools and techniques that can benefit an organisation and its...

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