How are UK Businesses Championing Diversity & Inclusivity in the Workplace

Policy to Practise: How are UK Businesses Championing Diversity & Inclusivity in the Workplace?     Popping the reality check tick bubble  Being able to leverage the power of individual differences is essential for any organisation that wants to...

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The leadership gaps Watching the progress of women in leadership is like watching someone climb up a greasy pole, you think you’re seeing progress, and then you realize you’re not. There have been improvements, but there’s still a long...

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Learn Real leadership from Michelle Obama

On occasion, leadership isn’t a choice. Whether it comes to you de facto, is thrust upon you, or both in the case of Michelle Obama, how you handle the position of responsibility you’re granted is just as important as...

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The Total Well-being Competition  

Would you like to improve your employees happiness, reduce absenteeism and drive productivity in your organisation? In one unified platform, LifeWorks is everything you need to meet your employees mental, physical and financial needs and create the ultimate Total Well-being Experience. LifeWorks has teamed up...

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The tools and traits of a leader

Leadership traits and techniques are written about so often that I feel slightly ashamed to add my two-penneth to the endless views on the topic. Open your Linkedin feed and you’ll see ’20 tips successful leaders do each day’,...

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Good old bad ‘bots

  Stephen Hawking suggested in 2014 that AI could be the last event in the history of our civilisation if humanity did not learn to cope with the risks it posed. This week despite all of the reports this...

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The Value of Thinking Time

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln For the Knowledge Workers of the millennium, our brain is our axe. From strategy and planning, to operations,...

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The Living Office – improving the working environment

  – By Herman Miller We’ve come a long way since the days of people occupying row upon row of office desks, churning out work on a typewriter, akin to a production factory line.  Such linear formations are as...

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Must have skills for digital leaders

Digital disruption has redefined how organisations function and paved the way for a new wave of leadership. What does it take to be a “Digital Leader”?

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Employee well-being: more motivation, more productivity

Companies like Google are notorious for providing their employees with free gourmet cafeterias, nap pods, massages, and investing a huge amount in their well-being. However, do such investments make sound business sense? After all, why should companies look after...

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