Retaining Talent in the Age of the Entrepreneur and Start-Up

While job satisfaction is a way to increase an organisation’s employee retention rate, these are some of the other strategies that organisations should keep in mind for retaining their talent.

Post by Camilla Bundy

Towards a More Productive Working Future

UK productivity levels are still a concern, but running a business in a more efficient manner now makes the biggest impact rather than increasing hours or outputs.

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2,500% ROI Through Transformation

Yes, it is possible to create value while transforming your business. Discover how applying Sprint methodology has transformed Sky in just 3 months. Justin and Haider from Tao Leadership warmly invite you to come and learn how you might apply...

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How can Apprenticeships Add Value to Your Business?

Most organisations changed their approach towards apprenticeships when former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced a major reform to the way they worked in his 2013 Autumn Statement. The government committed to doubling the number of apprenticeships available,...

Post by Christian Milam

Bringing Culture to Life

Everything seems to be about company culture at Expedite towers this week. Firstly we are planning a showcase of the winners and commended companies from the 2016 OC Excellence on 23rd March, and it kicks off the thinking for...

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Why Organisations Cannot Ignore the Need for Learning and Development

Most HR directors will agree that nurturing talent and investing in learning and development may not always be on the top of management’s agenda, but failure to understand the impact of training programmes on ROI often leaves CEOs and...

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Solution Focused Thinking – Your organisation’s hidden competitive advantage

managers in large organisations tend to approach business problems with a narrow focus. They put the emphasis on proposing solutions rather than thinking in depth. The reason? They don’t have the time to think, as their mind is on...

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Giving Robots a Voice

The robots are alive; but don’t worry we will co-exist and make the world a better place.

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Emotional Intelligence: How Does it Impact Team Performance?

So, to what extent do relationships and communication between team members play a role in success or failure? Collectively, these interactions are highly influenced by each team member’s emotional intelligence, a concept that has a powerful impact on various...

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Developing an Effective Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

Employee wellbeing is moving up the business agenda. Helping employees to maintain both physical and mental health is not only the ethical thing to do, it benefits businesses.

Post by unum

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