How Can You Prepare Leaders to Respond to Rapid Change?

If you ask senior leaders to describe the key business challenges they face within their organisations, most of them tend to find the same few challenges repeated: right talent, spurring innovation and driving growth to name a few. But...

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Working Futures – Springing Into Action.

There’s always lots to look forward to at this time of year as plans for the spring and summer start to get nearer. We’ll be pushing forward with our Working Futures meeting next week as well. The planning’s been done...

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“Ultimately Our Customers Aren’t Just on a Journey – They’re People with Different and Individual Needs”

Tim Cowley discusses First Group’s approach to creating a customer focused culture

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Talent Magnetism: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent to Your Organisation

“Globalisation and technology are allowing people – and even whole labour pools – to change how and where they earn a living with more frequency. They don’t feel financially or emotionally tethered to employers the way previous generations may...

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It’s soulcrushing. Painful. Antiquated. Just Some of the Reasons Why More and More Companies are Abolishing the Annual Performance Review

Soulcrushing. Painful. Boring. Antiquated. These are just some of the words Adobe’s employers used to describe their Annual Performance Review process when Donna Morris, (then senior vice president of Human Resources at Adobe Systems) asked for their feedback...

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De-innovation, declutter and do your thing.

“de-innovate,” means to give up old practices, when new evidence reveals that those practices offer little value.

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From Sensors to Wearables – How Will New Data Sources Impact your Business?

Big data is indeed a big topic. It’s sprung from rapid changes in technology that have changed, not only how we communicate with each other but the level of insight that we can give into human behaviour.

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How Self-selection Allows People to Excel

Self-selection is a method that allows people to choose which team to work in. It is a facilitated process that lets people self-organise into small, cross-functional teams.

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Why the Concept of Learning and Development Needs to Change

Interestingly though, although Power Points and tablets have replaced more traditional tools – as well as terrifying expressions – this style of top down learning still prevails within learning and development (L&D).

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Creating a Culture as Special as Their Chocolate

The luxurious nature of Lindt’s products cannot be under-estimated, nor the fact that they can leave you feeling pretty special. However, it’s rare that the feeling a product produces can be encapsulated in a brand’s working culture.

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